The Conference will be held in Padova. Padova is a university city located in north-east of Italy and easily accessible from all European countries by plane, train or car.

Padova is the city of the “tre senza” (three without),
un santo senza nome (a saint without a name) – Saint Anthony is Padova’s patron and is called “il Santo” (the Saint)
un prato senza erba (a lawn without grass) – Prato della Valle is one of the biggest European squares
un caffè senza porte (a cafè without doors) – The restaurant caffè Pedrocchi in the past was always open

How to arrive in Padova


Padova is located in the intersection of the highways Milan-Venice (A4) and Padova-Bologna (A13)


Padova train station is easily reachable starting from Milan, Bologna, Treviso, and Venice. Along these routes many other cities can be found, like Verona.


Padova can be reached by landing in the following airports (ordered by distance): “Marco Polo” Venice, “Antonio Canova” Treviso, “Valerio Catullo” Verona, “Guglielmo Marconi” Bologna. From Venice is available the BusItalia and AirService services, while NavettaItalia can be found in the other airports.

Hotels and accomodation

In Padova there are several hotels in all the categories. Early reservation is recommended by directly contacting hotels. A list of hotels will be on this page.