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An open letter from our Chairman

On behalf of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padua, I am very honoured and pleased to host you all to the ninth edition of the

International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources

It’s a pleasure to me to host scientists, engineers, professors, entrepreneurs and friends coming from all over the world to the nineth edition of HES and to discuss about a common passion which is our job: Heating by Electromagnetic Sources.
It was more than twenty years ago that from a conversation with Prof. Lupi and Ivano Artuso – a shareholder of ATE – we decided to organize the first IHS (Induction Heating Symposium). I remember many friends attending that conference and in particular Robert S. Ruffini the founder of Fluxtrol, Marcel Garnier the former director of EPM Madylam in Grenoble, Prof. Muhlbauer, Prof. Lavers and Prof. Valentin Nemkov an enthusiastic all life long induction heating scientist.
My gratitude goes to Prof. Sergio Lupi, who is the real chairman of this conference from the first edition till today. He leaves me a difficult task, because it’s not easy to reach the perfect organization and scientific level which Prof. Lupi gave to this conference, edition by edition. He really created a HES community where not only scientists met to discuss together about different technical matters, but mainly friends coming to Padua every three years to exchange their ideas, to speak about not only work but also about families, to meet and stay together in front of a good glass of wine thinking about future co-operations and projects.
HES conference is a meeting point for different cultures and knowledge. Year by year, the conference has become an important event for academic and industrial worlds wirking in the field of industrial and household applications of electroheat with special reference to the electromagnetic heating in all its forms: conduction, induction, microwave etc. but in last years EPM became more much more important. We believe that cold and hot plasma will become in the future very powerful technologies which can drive the sustainability of some special treating processes in different types of materials like wood, polymers, wool, cotton and many others.
The main development in these fields are strictly correlated to the deep understanding of physics by means of real multi-physics approach. It’s not enough the solution of stand alone electromagnetic or thermal problems but a coupling among different problems is mandatory. Very high scientific level papers are presented about the solution of coupled problems in different fields; electromagnetics, heat transfer and thermodynamics, power electronics, control algorithms, magneto fluid dynamics, phase transitions, residual stresses, are only a few of the problems solved in the present papers.
A largely attractive field of research present at this conference is EPM – Electric Processing of Materials – where the electromagnetic fields, with different characteristics (high intensity, low intensity, single phase, multi phase, DC, AC, high frequency, low frequency) areused to obtain materials with improved properties. It will be of utmost interest for young researchers and engineers to follow the very rapid evolution occurring in this field.
The research in the traditional fields like induction heating is moving towards new applications and a deep understanding of different phenomena during heat treatment processes.

Prof. Fabrizio Dughiero