Exhibition Area and Sponsorship

BeLI24 is a world-class meeting meant to convene in Padova the international scientific community active at the global level in the research of all the fundamental and applied aspects of materials for beyond Li-ion batteries. Materials for solid-state and high voltage batteries, lithium metal batteries and batteries exploiting chemistries not relying on lithium ion will be considered. Such materials will mainly include anodes, cathodes and electrolytes; other materials (e.g., dopants, components for the fabrication of the battery case) will be considered as well. BeLI24 will be is also focused on the experimental and the theoretical/computational aspects of the materials, such as the mechanisms of charge migration, the interactions and the reactions at the various electrochemical interfaces, and the cyclability and performance in batteries. Finally, BeLI24 will also examine the safety and the circular economy aspects of beyond Li-ion batteries, including the disassembly, the recovering/recycling and the life-cycle assessment of the materials and components.

The full prospectus of all the available Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities can be downloaded here:


If this opportunity is interesting for you, please download our Sponsorship application form, fill it and send it to the Organizing secretariat of BeLI24. The contact details are reported on the front page od the application form.

The exhibitors at BeLI24 will showcase the latest innovations on the market, including cutting-edge materials, instruments, publications and software, as well as other products and services. The booths of the Exhibitors will be located in the hall of the Conference Venue “PADOVA CONGRESS”; the booths will be arranged in accordance with the map below.

Exhibitors will showcase their products and services for the entire duration of BeLI24, starting from Sunday, 1st September and until Friday, 6th September.

For more detailed information on the sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Mario Sbalchiero
Meet and Work srl
Piazza del Sole e della Pace 5
35031 Abano Terme (PD) – Italy
ph. 39 049 860 1818
e-mail: meet@meetandwork.com