Call For Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

Submission of an abstract is not mandatory to attend the symposium.
An abstract is required only if the participant intends to present his/her research or project formally.

To favour the debate around specific topics, attendees are invited to submit an abstract of their work in progress on issues related to the impact of Industry 4.0 on PMM. Particular attention will be paid to the changes related to:

• Data collection and analysis (business intelligence, big data, data analytics, etc.)
• Access to measure and performance information (visual system, the usability of online information, etc.)
• Decision-making process and performance review
• Learning process and HRM, with particular attention to empowerment, motivation, employees’ well-being, etc.
• Communication system and knowledge management system
• Changes in supply chain management
• SMEs’ role in the supply chains managed by large companies
• Organizational culture and management style
• Production and operation management system

Special issues

Production Planning and Control

The attendees interested in publishing their research on a PPC special issue should submit an extended abstract. After the symposium, the authors of the most significant research will be invited to submit an article that it will be considered for a PPC special issue.

International Journal of Productivity and Performance Measurement
After the symposium, the authors of both single page and extended abstract could finalize their research and submit their entire paper to an IJPPM special issue.

• Detailed instructions for formatting of single page abstract can be downloaded here.
• Detailed instructions for formatting of extended abstract can be downloaded here.

Deadline for both single-page abstract and extended abstract submission is 25 October 2019.
Abstract must be submitted via e-mail to
Acceptance of abstracts will be notified by 4 November 2019.